In these few paragraphs, I'll try to explain to you how "Internet" and your web browser work, and why you need a proxy to save your privacy. If you want to visit (for example) the website www.myfavwebsite.com, you type the address into your web browser. After that your computer requests the "A" record of the remote server from the NS servers listed on the root internet servers. When that happens, your computer is actually downloading every part of the website to your PC - pictures, html code, flash animations, javascripts etc. This download process requires tht your IP to be shown to the remote computer in order to assure the transfer. The remote computer saves your IP into the logs and that is the moment when you loose your privacy. The remote host logs have your IP, along with your location, ISP, it could also add some cookies in order to track your movements as well.

Privacy Saving - the easy way

In order to prevent the other computer from seeng your IP, and in order to save your privacy, you could use web based proxy. It's function is to connect to the remote host instead of your computer - it adds another network layer. The remote host will only record the IP of the proxy. To use the web proxy, simply enter the address that you'd like to visit in the form below and click "Go". That's it - no complicated software to install, no advanced VPN to config.

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